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Cockpit 1029 RB-TT We used our many years of experience to design our roadbook holder. It features a unique „DOUBLE MOTION drive“ which means that two motors control paper movement. The paper is always tightened and cannot unwind even with strong vibration. We deliberately decided not to use rubber driving belts which are prone to ageing and cracks. We have chosen a direct drive instead. The RB-TT standard package includes a lighting kit and handlebar control. The roadbook holder is easy to mount and the electrical connections are simple. Just connect two cables to the power supply. Then plug in the handlebar control. The handlebar bracket is pre-assembled and is rubber mounted. Different mounting plates are available for mounting a trip computer with or without control lamps. - Aluminium housing - Reinforced edges for high stability - Waterproof - For A5 roadbooks - Lighting included - Housing dimensions: (L x W x H) 197x124x70mm - Electrical drive incl. paper brake - Manual operation possible - Includes handlebar control - Opens and closes with no tools - Extra large paper roll: up to 80 A5 sheets (approx. 17m) - Weight: 1000g incl. mount 020-0010 RB-compact The Roadbook holder for touring riders! Rallyists have used roadbook holders for years. More and more touring riders also want to benefit from notes that appear by simply turning a knob“. Rally roadbook holder are often too big. Many motorcycles do not have enough space or the rider cannot see the instruments. There is a small roadbook holder available: the RB compact.

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