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1028 RB-XL The roadbook holder in A4 format! This means you don‘t have to cut maps to size and write on narrow continuous paper rolls. And so, for example, you can also insert the A4 printout from your route planning software directly into the road- book holder. - Including fixing materials for handlebars with crossbar (012mm); - Also RB compact with clamp for fitting directly onto a 0 22mm handlebar tube. - For all kind of notes - Dimensions: RB-compact: 90 x 1 30 x 40; RB-XL 245 x 1 30 x 55 mm - Paper width up to 60mm (RB-compact) or 21 0 mm (RB-XL) - Waterproof - Rugged aluminium housing - Front cover opens and closes without tools - Manual operation - Belt-driven paper brake to prevent the paper roll from unwinding - For use on all types of motorcycles - Optional green, energy-saving LED lighting - Devise your own route plans (roadbooks)! 020-0030 Roadbookholder RB-XL 025-0021 Lighting 100 mm 020-0020 Roadbookholder RB-compact 025-0030 Paper roll 60mm 025-0020 Lighting 60mm 025-0025 Adapter plate „DR“ RB-compact - Dimensions: RB-compact: 90 x 130 x 40; RB-XL 245 x 130 x 55 mm - Paper width up to 60mm (RB-compact) or 210 mm (RB-XL)

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