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1024 Mudguard Flap Yamaha XT 660 R - Efficient mudguard flap for rear wheel - Protects against dirty back and soiled luggage - Reinforces number plate - Powder-coated aluminium (black) 040-0281 Strong Luggage Rack Yamaha XT 660 R The Yamaha XT660R does not have good fitting points for a sturdy luggage rack. In spite of this we have managed to develop a luggage rack that allows you to carry more than just a pair of overalls. This is achieved by clever attachments on the vehicle and additional supports. The strong luggage rack is made of a combination of tubular pipes and anodised aluminium plate. No parts have to be drilled onto the vehicle and no modifications need to be made. Even the beautiful original handles are retained. 046-0170 Aluminium Luggage Rack Yamaha XT 660 R This small, delicate luggage rack can be fitted to the XT660R in a few minutes. The original handle is retained but it still forms a sturdy support. Nothing has to be changed on the vehicle - no holes have to be drilled or filed. Simply fit it and have fun! Made of a combination of anodised aluminium and stainless steel. 046-0140 Pannier Racks for Yamaha XT660R Reliable: -Robust steel pannier frame made from 18 mm diameter steel tube with a 2 mm thick wall -Bolted crosspiece for better rigidity -Black plastic coated Can be used with ZEGA panniers or other panniers in conjuction with our 18 mm mounting hardware. 051-0105

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