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1012 Mudguard Flap Yamaha XT660 Ténéré - Effective mudguard flap for the rear wheel - Your back and your luggage stay clean - Also serves as a number plate reinforcement - Aluminium plate with black plastic coating 046-0225 Luggage Rack, Small Yamaha XT660 Ténéré A small luggage rack adds a touch of adventure romance to a motorbike without being obtrusive. Another benefit is being able to secure soft luggage rolls and similar items whenever and wherever you want to, easily and quickly. Our small luggage rack is made of 4 mm thick anodised aluminium sheet, and is really easy to fit. Its design matches that of the Ténéré. Practical and good-looking! 046-0201 Luggage Rack, Large A touring bike has to be able to transport loads of luggage. And you have to be able to secure it safely and easily. With this in mind, we have developed a luggage rack for the Ténéré that is strong and easy to fit. The luggage rack is made of 4 mm thick anodised aluminium to combine minimum weight with maximum load-bearing. The wide construction and numerous tie-down slots offer plenty of attachment options for luggage of any shape and size. We based the design on the motorbike’s looks, and have incorporated its lines. The luggage rack really blends with the bike. 046-0204 Recovery Handle, Yamaha XT660 Ténéré We have decided to offer an alternative to the origi- nal, visually dubious recovery handle. Our elegantly understated recovery handle is simply fitted in place of the original hook. A strut made of aluminium tube is attached to a 2mm stainless steel plate; the result is the same function but without the obtrusive ap- pearance. A high mudguard can also be fitted, since it uses the same attachment points. Straps of any kind, such as Zega-Belt (item no. 055-0033) can be attached to our recovery handle. Warning! For recovery only; not to be used for towing vehicles! 046-0283

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