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1010 PTFE Steel Braided Brake Lines Yamaha XT660 Ténéré Precise action point, will last “forever”, nearly unbreakable - these are the most important features of steel braided brake lines that have been tried and tested a thousandfold. 046-0328 front (with splitting block) 046-0330 rear *Works* long-distance foot pegs for Yamaha XT660Z The Touratech Works foot pegs have been specially strengthened at the mounting point, making them significantly less susceptible to impacts. The Works products are an optical highlight as well. 046-5320 Covers for Pillion Footpeg Mounts Yamaha XT660 Ténéré The light aluminium covers, manufactured to a high standard, cover all the not so beautiful welding seams and fitting points and the important parts are welll protected. Made of anodised aluminium. The delivery schedule includes parts for the right and left side. 046-0268 Pivot Pegz - *Mark3* Yamaha Ténéré (‚08), XT 660 R/X/Z , XTZ750 Ténéré An absolute breakthrough - and not just for cross-country and enduro riders who bemoan the lack of sensitivity of the original pegs. Thanks to a spring joint, these foot pegs follow the forward and backward movements of the foot to an angle of 20 degrees. This protects the boot, and gives the Rider a better position on the bike - even in extreme situations. 040-5508

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