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1009 Yamaha XT660Z Brake Lever Extension Yamaha XT660 Ténéré You know how annoying it is to miss the brake lever. Our extension offers you a larger support surface and safe pressure on the brake lever. 046-0291 Side Stand Base Extension Yamaha XT660 Ténéré If a motorbike calls itself “off-road”, you should be able to park it safely “off-road”, too. The supporting surface of the original side stand may be too small for difficult ground (sand, wet fields) and disappear into it. Our side stand base extension is there to prevent this. The supporting surface is more than twice the size, which makes sure the bike is safe on almost any ground! 046-5275 Comfort seat for Yamaha XT660 Ténéré With our seat, the only time you‘ll be forced to stop riding is when you need to refuel - pressure sores and tailbone pain won‘t spoil the fun any more. Available in three different heights with anti-slip covering material and anatomically optimised foam core, this seat delivers hitherto unequalled long-distance comfort on the Ténéré. Seat *Breathable* The breathable seat offers tremendous advantages over the standard one, especially at high temperatu- res. It enables the air to circulate inside the seat, which efficiently eliminates perspiration in the seat area. This in turn helps to prevent the underclothing from sticking and wrinkling. Yamaha XT660Z low -2cm standard high +2cm Comfort seat 046-5912 046-5913 046-5914 Comfort seat *breathable* 046-5916 046-5917 Comfort seat 046-5912046-5913046-5914 *breathable* 046-5916046-5917

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