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1007 Yamaha XT660Z Brake Fluid Reservoir Cover Yamaha XT660 Ténéré The cover of the brake fluid reservoir enhances its looks and offers a certain level of protection against unauthorised access - and also against damage from excursions into the undergrowth! 046-0228 Rectifier Cover Yamaha XT660 Ténéré Because of its position, the Ténéré’s rectifier is expo- sed to splashes from the front wheel. This means that even small stones can cause serious damage. Our rectifier cover in anodised aluminium can help, and is easily and quickly fitted. Not only does it protect the rectifier, but it also adds a touch more of the Enduro look to the Ténéré. 046-0312 Crash Bar, Upper Part Yamaha XT660 Ténéré Even a slight drop can damage the fairing or even the coolant reservoir on the Ténéré. Our fairing crash bars offer effective protection against damage whilst being discreet in design. The extremely sturdy construction in solid steel tube will withstand even serious falls, protecting the motorbike against expensive damage - or even prevents a complete breakdown due to a defective radiator. 046-0240 Crash Bar, Bottom Part Yamaha XT660 Ténéré Engine crash bars guarantee the best possible protection with the discreet construction you would expect. The risks to water pump, clutch housing and alternator are eliminated without restricting the ground clearance. Thanks to the slender design, even difficult single trails can bring unforgettable pleasure - without bringing you out in a cold sweat. 046-0230

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