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1003 Yamaha XT660Z On-Board Power Socket Yamaha XT660 Ténéré This on-board power socket was developed speci- fically for the Ténéré. It is fitted directly to the stem of the headlight using a stainless steel bracket. And power can be taken where it is needed, e.g. for the connection of a navigation system. Delivery includes the entire cable set with fuse and paint protection film. The onboard power socket is so easy to mount that it can also be fitted at a slight angle for individual alignment. 046-0266 Spoiler for Windscreen This spoiler unit is simply clamped to your wind- screen. Wind protection can be improved considerably, and the noise level can be minimised when riding at relatively high speeds. If you should then decide to ride offroad, the spoiler can be unmounted easily with the clamp mechanism and packed away. No tools are required for mounting; everything can be performed at the bat of an eye. 046-0316 Spoiler for Windscreen *lockable* A high quality brand lock secures the spoiler against unauthorised removal. The locks are also avilable with the same closure as our Zega- and GPS bracket locks. 046-0320 Over-Cockpit Nav Bracket Yamaha XT660 Ténéré The Yamaha Ténéré is factory-fitted with a wonderful bar that is used to attach navigation aids in the cockpit. It’s just a shame that it’s so close to the windscreen. It means that there aren’t many navigati- on systems that will fit easily behind the screen. This gap can be increased and the angle set individually with our nav bracket. This creates more space and makes it easier to read the displays - and even bulky navs can be positioned easily. The diameter of the 70 mm attachment bracket is 12 mm, and it is specially designed for our Touratech handlebar mountings. 046-0270

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